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Profiles in Leadership: Lessons Straight from Business Practitioners

By Shawn Hunter

Beginning in April, Skillsoft’s Leadership Channel is excited to offer a fresh twist on its popular Live Events series with a new virtual leadership learning series, aptly named Profiles in Leadership. During each Profiles in Leadership, a leading CEO or senior executive will share success stories and challenges that they face every day while leading from the corner office.  Attendees will take away practical, relevant and actionable strategies and insights directly from some of the most reputable and innovative business practitioners in the US.

The series will kick-off on April 14th with an interview with Paul Hiltz, President & Market Leader – Community Mercy Health Partners, which includes Springfield Regional Medical in Ohio. This facility is the newest, largest, and busiest hospital in the Mercy Healthcare system serving over 150,000 people throughout the local communities.

The approach to Healthcare in the United States is changing rapidly. To ensure that Mercy Health not only kept pace, but also led these changes, two years ago the board of directors enlisted Paul Hiltz to lead the staff of over 2,500 people at Springfield Medical to shift the medical approach from reactive, critical, and episodic care – especially of the chronically ill – to a high quality coordinated approach in partnership with the entire community. Springfield Medical and Mercy Healthcare is now recognized nationally as among the very best Accountable Care Organizations in the nation.

Profiles in Leadership will be filmed on location at the headquarters of these game-changing business practitioners. And, subscribers can interact with the executives, and with their peers around the world, in real time via Twitter and email during a live Q&A session.Mr. Hiltz will share his remarkable story of leading immense organizational change. He will share how he united the clinicians and staff, along with the community with one singular mission and vision to change the way they provided healthcare. And, viewers will then learn how to transfer this process to their own organization — whether in healthcare, manufacturing, technology or another industry type.

The new series will nicely complement the current Leadership Channel Live Event series by providing viewers with the opportunity to learn directly from transformative executives who are actively practicing within organizations. Of course, Skillsoft will continue to offer Live Events, which bring our subscribers the perspectives of renowned leadership business consultants, authors, and academics from around the world, including Amy Cuddy, Daniel Pink and Liz Wiseman.

If you are a Skillsoft Leadership Advantage or Leadership Channel customer, we encourage you to join us on April 14 at 12 p.m. EDT. Or click here for more information on our Leadership Development solutions.

Shawn Hunter is an Executive Producer & Vice President, Skillsoft Leadership Channel™ and author of Out Think. Follow Shawn on Twitter: @gshunter

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