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Skillsoft Global Compliance Solutions Gives Back

By Norman Ford

The compliance team loves to give back. After Skillsoft’s annual Global Sales Meeting (GSM), our Knoxville team hosted a similar event to recap and align for the coming year. As part of this event, we pooled our resources and donated a couple hours of our time to a very important charity in our area.

This year, we spent our time at the Fish Hospitality Pantry. They feed over 11,000 families each month and are able to feed a family for 3 days with just a $5 donation. Having recently received a large donation of 27 totes of frozen empanadas, our team (about 30 people) undertook a massive repacking effort breaking down these large totes to family sized portions. Each tote held about 2,500 empanadas and we ultimately were able to empty 9 totes – that’s 22,500 empanadas!

Stats from the event:

From each tote we filled 417 bags. Each bag is able to feed one family.

Total bags filled: 3,753 – that means enough frozen meals to help feed these families for about a month.

In addition to donating our time, we made a donation of clothes and other non-perishables. If you’d like learn more about the Fish Hospitality Pantry or donate, visit their site here:

Want to see more pictures from the event visit our Facebook page:

Norman Ford is Vice President, Operations, Global Compliance Solutions at Skillsoft.



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