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Addressing the Skills Shortage: Evaluating UK Business Leaders’ Perceptions of Learning and…

Kevin Young HeadshotBy Kevin Young

As businesses surface from the global financial crisis, they’re facing a host of challenges. Evolving to meet today’s fast-paced commercial environment means getting to grips with the current and future skills shortage.Read more

Top Five Warning Signs that your IAM Program is About to Fail

By Ertem Osmanoglu

Over the past 10 years, the risk and threat landscape has changed significantly and organizations are facing more complex and coordinated attacks from both within and outside. The traditional business and IT boundaries are rapidly disappearing as cloud, mobile, social networking and other IT consumer trends gain traction.Read more

9 Steps to Finding the Right LMS for Your Organization

By Kelley Noblet

Whether you’re a first-time LMS buyer or looking to replace your current system, selecting an LMS can be a daunting process. With hundreds of solution providers in the market, how do you decide which LMS best meets your needs?Read more

Anti-Corruption training remains top-of-mind for 2015

By Charlie Voelker

Corruption is proving again to be a key focus for compliance leaders in 2015. With the recent increase in FCPA investigations and the tightening of anti-corruption legislation around the globe, a strong compliance program is more important than ever.Read more

Complimentary webinar: Putting 70:20:10 Into Action with Charles Jennings

Kevin Young HeadshotBy Kevin Young

We’ve teamed up with Charles Jennings, one of the world’s leading experts on building and implementing 70:20:10 learning strategies, to give you a 60 minute introduction to the 70:20:10 framework.



Charles JenningsYou’ll discover everything you need to know about the theory and practice of the 70:20:10 reference model and how you can use it to engineer a continuous learning culture in your organisation.Read more

World Health Day

By Janiece Attal

Every year, the World Health Organization (WHO) holds a World Health Day focusing on a new topic each year. This year, the focus is on food safety. The WHO estimates that every year there are 2 million deaths every year from contaminated food or drinking water.Read more

Do your stakeholders crave just-in-time learning?

By Kelley Noblet

According to HfS, “too often HR has focused on integrating talent management suite modules that did traditional performance, compensation, and learning processes while what motivates people – and the nature of the workforce itself – have changed considerably.Read more