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Addressing the Skills Shortage: Evaluating UK Business Leaders’ Perceptions of Learning and…

Kevin Young HeadshotBy Kevin Young

As businesses surface from the global financial crisis, they’re facing a host of challenges. Evolving to meet today’s fast-paced commercial environment means getting to grips with the current and future skills shortage.

As the economic recovery ramps up, UK businesses confirm an endemic skills shortage is hampering their growth efforts. Getting the right people, with the right skills, has become a commercial imperative. Consequently, the search for innovative and effective ways to raise the bar on workforce skills is high on every boardroom agenda.

Skillsoft set out to investigate how UK business leaders are approaching the skills deficit challenge. Our study, designed to uncover organisational attitudes towards staff development and recruitment in large organisations, evaluates whether it’s better to skill build or skill buy.

Providing a unique insight into how organisations approach learning today, our Skill Builders Versus Skill Buyers report identifies key disconnects between business leaders’ perceptions of learning and development (L&D) in their organisation and the reality, when it comes to investing in future leaders or up-skilling the workforce to adapt fast to an ever-evolving business landscape.

The report’s startling findings reveal that:

  • 86% of UK businesses identify their organisations as skill builders, but in truth 31% have no formal programme in place
  • Over half of respondents (55%) confirmed they are more likely to recruit externally to address skills shortages
  • Just 20% of businesses have aligned L&D programmes to organisational growth.

Download the Skill Builders Versus Skill Buyers research report to discover what’s inhibiting the ability of UK organisations to address their skill builder aspirations.

Kevin Young is General Manager, EMEA at Skillsoft

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