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End the Status Quo, Start an Innovation Revolution – Live Webcast with Lisa Bodell

By Lynn Gallin

“Old habits die hard.” We’ve all heard the saying. Whether in our personal or professional lives, we have at some point fell victim to it. In business especially, it’s exceptionally hard to affect change, both in ourselves and in the teams that we work with. Yes, we all have the best intentions to change (we all understand that other age-old axiom, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and expecting different results”) and we like to think we would never get anchored down by our own bad habits, yet complacency still finds a way to rear its ugly head.

The bottom line is complacency leaves us and our organizations vulnerable. Due to technology and myriad other factors, the industries we work in are evolving and changing faster than ever before. That means what worked (or in some cases, didn’t work) last year or even last quarter likely isn’t going to work the next time around. This has created a need for constant innovation at all levels of the organization. And, given our needed affinity for comfort and seemingly inherent resistance to change, this can be a tall order.

Business needs a revolution, and it needs you to lead it.

But, like any social, cultural or corporate shift, there are going to be barriers to overcome. Why are people so resistant to change, even when we know change is what we need to succeed? The big issue here is that bucking the status quo means putting yourself out there, and when you feel secure in your job, as many people do, we tend to not want to jeopardize our standing with the organization.

But with great risk comes great reward.

In “playing the game” – office politics and doing what we think is expected of us instead of what we expect of ourselves – we’ve numbed certain senses that are critical to success in the current corporate environment. It’s imperative that we rekindle the flames of curiosity, inquiry and creativity if us as individuals and the organizations we work for are going to separate ourselves from the competition.

So how do we do that? Lisa Bodell has been helping professionals and organizations light the fire of innovation for more than a decade. On June 9, she’ll be teaming with Skillsoft for a Live Event webinar that will help attendees address the challenges of innovation. Join us to learn:

  • Why everyone is a change agent.
  • How simplification lets us achieve more and better innovation.
  • How little changes can create a big impact.
  • Tangible ways to eliminate the needless complexity to ignite innovation.

Register for the Live Event with Lisa Bodell today to say goodbye to the status quo and start your own innovation revolution. Hurry, registration for this live webcast ends June 4.

NOTE: If you are a customer and have a subscription that includes Live Events, there is no need to register. Only those interested in attending who do not have a subscription must do so. If you are unsure, contact a member from your account team.

Lynn Gallin is Senior Product Marketing Manager – Leadership at Skillsoft.

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