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Take a sneak peak at what’s coming up at EMEA Skillsoft Perspectives

By Kevin Young

We’ve got some exciting topics lined up for this year’s EMEA Skillsoft Perspectives event on 25 June.

Here’s a quick taster of the speaker sessions on offer – think of it as a sneak preview of what our line-up of dynamic presenters will be talking about on the day.

Jerry Nine – Skillsoft’s Chief Operating Officer

Kicking off the event, Jerry will bring you up-to-date with the latest Skillsoft developments, welcoming Vodeclic’s CEO, Zavier Sillon, to the stage to introduce the newest addition to the Skillsoft family.

John Ambrose and Humair Ghauri – The Self-Developing Organisation

John and Humair will unveil how the Self-Developing Organisation – Skillsoft’s ground-breaking new approach to talent acceleration – is set to simplify rapid skills development and deliver data-driven results.

Emerging from the fully integrated capabilities of Skillsoft and SumTotal, the Self-Developing Organisation is a deeply integrated content and engagement platform that knows, entices, improves and rewards employees.

The biggest advance since ‘e’ was added to learning, the Self-Developing Organisation is set to accelerate individualised employee development – and at scale.

Dr Karen Moloney – The Wow Factor: Using Technology to Help Clever People Embrace L&D

Find out how a combination of seductive technology and an understanding of drivers can hook clever learners to engage.

Our first keynote speaker, Karen will explore what these learners expect and need – everything from tailored challenges to world-class content and business-focused delivery methods.

Along the way, she’ll take a look at a range of techniques that work with this cohort, including wearable big data collection, the use of artificial intelligence in robot coaches – and more.

Kieran King – Talent Analytics: Tips from the Super-Smart SMEs

Talent analytics is a hot topic within the Skillsoft customer base. So we asked five of the world’s most prominent talent analytics authorities to discuss the current state of play. In this session, Kieran will present the findings, along with practical suggestions that will boost your talent analytics capabilities, addressing issues like:

  • How big data relates to talent analytics
  • What are the key steps for practicing talent analytics
  • Why progression in talent analytics can seem like an uphill climb
  • How organisations can diagnose their talent analytics maturity
  • How to overcome roadblocks on the path towards talent analytics

James Caan – Investing in People with Passion

Our second keynote speaker, the serial entrepreneur James Caan, will share his insights on why investing in talented people is key to business success.

In his view, nothing is more important than hiring and developing people.

As he puts it; “I’ve always said that business is nothing without people. It’s people who breathe life into business, which is why I always surround myself with the best talent I can find. Once you’ve found your team, it is critical that you take time to invest in their development. That’s the best way to enable future growth, scale and success.”

Have you booked your place yet?

With all this – and more – on offer, now’s the time to sign up and make sure you’re a part of the industry’s leading learning and talent management event which takes place in London on 25 June 2015.

Want to find out more? Visit the Skillsoft Perspectives website today, or to register for a place simply follow this link.

Kevin Young is General Manager, EMEA at Skillsoft.

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