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Are Your Team Members Learning Content Curators?

By Ivonne Smith

We live in a world where we want it all…all the time! One would think this applies to learning and acquiring new skills to grow our careers. Don’t we all want to learn as much as possible? Don’t we want to have every kind of learning opportunity to make us better in our jobs and career? Yes, of course, but let’s think twice and consider that having it all, all the time, in your face can feel a bit overwhelming. A typical learner in an organization could potentially have access to thousands of courses, books, videos, games, simulations, book summaries, and more to grow their careers. This is absolutely fantastic, but having it all available, built, and ready and waiting just isn’t enough. If you build it, they won’t just come. If they do come, in zero to 60 seconds your learners will go from, “Yay, look at ALL these resources!” to “Oh my gosh, where do I begin?”

I am not saying we should not have all the resources available…what I am saying is that we, as learning professionals, actively look at our learning libraries and curate the content so that is relevant, timely and, most importantly, aligned to business needs. Think about a museum curator. A museum curator is a “content specialist responsible for an institution’s collections and involved with the interpretation of heritage material (Wikipedia).” This curator role is critical as they research their audience needs, share what will be of interest to their visitors, and ensure the content is dynamic and fresh over time. Essentially, they want to ensure that art and museum enthusiasts aren’t feeling overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) with all of the offerings when they visit the museum.  Essentially, your learning library is your museum and your team are the learning curators.

With this in mind, we asked our esteemed Skillsoft Global Leader Forum to share their thoughts on content curation. Our Global Leader Forum consist of a handful of clients who are actively implementing and managing Skillsoft learning programs at the highest levels of the 4 Building Blocks (Engagement, Alignment, Adoption and Value).

We asked our leaders if they actively curate content. If so, how often and who does it? And if they have any tips to share with others?  We were not surprised to hear that 71% of our “best” actively curate their learning content as needed throughout the year or monthly at a very minimum. They understand the importance of providing the right content at the right time. 68% said they have full or part-time headcount dedicated to curating content to ensure they are aligned to their business needs from a corporate to a granular level within the organization.

One of our leaders recommends that we “schedule a recurring calendar appointment to curate content. This avoids you ‘forgetting’ or re-prioritizing the task.” Another leader strongly encourages learning professionals to empower their learners to “personalize curation by learner by enabling and helping learners self-asses needs.

This is a critical first step that leads them to development paths that best meet their needs.” Keep in mind that your Skillsoft team is happy to consult with you on best practices for curating content. We also provide core services to help you in this process. With so much noise and activity around us all the time, now is the time to ask yourself, “Do my  learners enjoy their experience in our learning museum? Do my learners leave feeling overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) and know where to begin learning? Can we be learning curators like Skillsoft’s Global Leader Forum members?”

For a full infographic on how Skillsoft’s Global Leader Forum approaches content curation, click here.

Also, contact your Skillsoft Account Representative and ask how we can help you curate and align your content better within your organization. We absolutely want to support you in keeping your learning museum dynamic, relevant, and fresh so your learners know where to begin and keep coming back for more.

Ivonne Smith is Global Manager, Client Engagement at Skillsoft

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