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Live Q&A Webinar: How to Gain Manager Support for Your Learning Program


By: Candy Osborne

Implementing a new learning program isn’t easy. Engagement, alignment, adoption and value are just a few of the major factors to consider when developing the strategy behind your program. Making matters more complicated, every company is different, both structurally and culturally, and that makes it hard to rely solely on industry research (what may work in some cases may not work in yours) as you try to get the ball rolling. Chief among your challenges: getting manager buy-in for your program.

Skillsoft is inviting you to join a live Q&A webinar with two of our finest clients – Stephanie Linde from Mercy and Irene Cajas from TELUS – on August 26 (noon – 1 p.m.) to discuss the realities of the frontline of elearning implementation, and specifically gaining manager support for your initiative. Stephanie and Irene both have extensive experience on the matter, and both played critical roles at their respective organizations in turning their learning and development initiatives into powerful success stories.

Attendees will gain valuable knowledge in: LinkedIn_PostImage_CorporateComplianceWebinar

  • Successfully engaging managers for buy-in for learning.
  • Working with managers to align content to business initiatives.
  • Gaining managers’ support in marketing and adoption.
  • Best practices in sharing the value of learning to ensure ongoing manager support.

We hope you’ll join us Aug. 26 for this unique and interactive insight into L&D adoption! You can register for the webinar here. See you there!

Candy Osborne is a Senior Marketing Manager at Skillsoft

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