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Vote for Skillsoft in the Best of Elearning!

By Pam Boiros

Elearning! Magazine is one of the top publications for the technology-enabled learning market.  Annually, they sponsor a one-of-a-kind awards program, Best of Elearning!, which is based on nominations from actual learning and development leaders — and end users — for the best learning platforms and products in the enterprise learning industry. Read more

Developing Women Leaders in the Workplace – A Case for Gender Diversity and Business Success

By Priti Shah

The need for more women leaders in the workforce is undeniable. According to an International Labor Organization report, less than five percent of public companies listed in global stock exchanges are led by women and only three countries out of the 200 surveyed have a majority of companies managed by women.Read more

Anti-trust and Competition: Two Sides of the Story

By Mike Newton 

There are really two sides to anti-trust and competition, encompassing a scale from organisational responsibility through to individual HR implications.

At one extreme we have the Cartels whereby businesses agree not to compete with each other but as these are often verbal, it is notoriously difficult to uncover unless you are aware of the signs.Read more

Continuous Learning: Training for the Time-Strapped Manager

By Lynn Gallin

Effective learning cannot be treated as an event; it must be treated as an ongoing, daily process.

More than a century ago, German psychologist Herman Ebbinghaus pioneered an experimental study of memory. He discovered that if a learner does not apply newly acquired knowledge within six hours, he will only retain 50 percent of what he learned.Read more

Leadership Lessons from Top Performing Learning Organizations

By Kevin Young

Discover how global L&D leaders are harnessing technology to modernize learning – and generating impressive improvements in productivity and staff engagement. Join our complimentary webinar to hear from Laura Overton, Managing Director of Towards Maturity, who will be sharing key findings and trends from the 2015-16 Towards Maturity Benchmark Report.Read more

CEB Features Skillsoft Resources in New Book “The Challenger Customer”

The smart folks at CEB, have recently published a new book The Challenger Customer. The Challenger Customer picks up where their previous book, The Challenger Sale left off, showing that being a Challenger seller isn’t enough – Sales and Marketing need to work together to find and target a Challenger inside the customer organization – a Mobilizer.Read more

Know Your Assets for Significance: Part Two – Your Greatest Talents

By Dan Coughlin

Your talents for making a significant difference in your organization are the skills you are able to do better than anything else you do that can help your organization to be more successful.

Since 1998 I’ve worked directly with about 200 executives and business owners as an executive coach.Read more