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CEB Features Skillsoft Resources in New Book “The Challenger Customer”

Pam_croppedBy Pam Boiros

The smart folks at CEB, have recently published a new book The Challenger Customer. The Challenger Customer picks up where their previous book, The Challenger Sale left off, showing that being a Challenger seller isn’t enough – Sales and Marketing need to work together to find and target a Challenger inside the customer organization – a Mobilizer.

The Skillsoft organization has embraced the Challenger methodology recognizing that providing complex solutions, such as talent and learning products and systems, requires engaging with a number of stakeholders in our customer organizations.  And these stakeholders are in different departments, with different goals, and are not always in alignment. In fact, these stakeholder groups can be downright dysfunctional.

Mobilizers can be incredibly important in affecting change in their organizations. They see that there is a better way, and they don’t take “this is the way we’ve always done it” for an answer. It can be hard to go out on a limb and  advocate for changing the status quo, but Mobilizers are brave and build consensus for the good of their organizations.  We work with Mobilizers across our customer base every day – those learning and HR pioneers who know that talent development today can be done more efficiently and effectively than ever before by leveraging digital technologies. They just need the rest of their organizations to come along for the ride.

We were honored that CEB chose to feature a Skillsoft resource in The Challenger Customer. Our free, sixty page ebook entitled “Cloud-Based Learning Solutions: Making the Right Choice for Your Enterprise” is described in detail in the book as a best practice example of how to equip Mobilizers with the information they need to lead a stakeholder group to make a move to technology-enabled learning.   With featured such as mini case studies, video links, templates, tools, and advice from distinguished industry thought leaders, our comprehensive resource has been distributed broadly over the last year as a guide for corporate learning mobilizers.  You can download a free copy of this handy resource at:

So here’s to the HR and talent development mobilizers everywhere!  You are the change agents of your organization, and we applaud you.

Pam Boiros is Vice President of Global Corporate Marketing at Skillsoft. Follow her on Twitter at @Pam_Boiros.

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