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Discovering the Self-Developing Organization: 2015 Perspectives Australia & New Zealand

By Justina Phoon

Business leaders, learning and development (L&D) and talent management professionals came together at Perspectives Australia & New Zealand in Sydney to hear from global subject matter experts on how to create a ‘Self-Developing Organization’.

Perspectives is Skillsoft’s flagship conference bringing together private and public sector professionals interested in L&D to discuss how corporate learning and talent management solutions can drive business performance. Now in its 16th year, we were proud to host our largest conference yet, with 120 delegates in attendance.

To launch the conference, Glenn Nott, Vice President and General Manager, Skillsoft Asia Pacific highlighted the key findings of Skillsoft’s 2015 research report, ‘The State of Mobile Learning in Australia and New Zealand.’ This report analyzed how organizations are currently using mobile devices within their L&D programs. With mobile penetration at record highs across ANZ, it is a pertinent topic which resonated strongly with the audience.

The report findings showed that mobile learning has huge benefits for ANZ organizations including enhanced employee efficiency, improvements in business results and reductions in staff turnover. However, to improve ‘buy in’ from learners, organizations must look critically at the type of mobile content offered, the way it is delivered to learners and closely collaborate with IT to improve implementation and adoption.

In Kieran King’s session, she highlighted the critical need for organizations to embrace talent analytics to show a return on investment and better align talent initiatives to business priorities. Most organizations spend upwards of 40 percent of their total business revenue on talent development, but the majority of hiring and talent management decisions are made on gut feel or corporate belief systems, and not informed by credible data. Kieran outlined the four levels of talent analytics maturity, and what L&D leaders need to do to advance up the curve.

John Ambrose reiterated the importance of Big Data to L&D programs, and how it can be used to develop individual and hyper-personalized learning programs for all employees. Big Data has an important role to play in developing more intuitive, smarter systems and programs that align to the individual needs of learners. Moving forward, leading L&D programs will deliver learning in the way that knows, entices, improves and rewards each individual learner.

We were privileged to have several external speakers with us at Perspectives this year. Notably, Tim Costello, Chief Executive at World Vision Australia gave an inspiring and insightful keynote speech on the ‘Everyday Leader.’ At a time when leadership development is a key priority for organizations, Mr Costello said there is no “fool proof” method to develop strong business leaders. He stressed the importance of developing business leaders that are ‘authentic’ and engage with their workforce in a positive way. Following his keynote speech, delegates packed 360 bags with educational materials for children of the Republic of Burundi for World Vision Australia.

It was also fantastic to hear from Commonwealth Bank, HBF Health and Datacom Systems NSW on the positive impact Skillsoft and SumTotal Systems has had on each of their employees.

It was a fantastic day and on behalf of my colleagues at Skillsoft, I extend a big ‘thank you’ to all delegates and speakers that attended 2015 Perspectives Australia & New Zealand.

Justina Phoon is Director of Marketing Communications, Asia Pacific, at Skillsoft.

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