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70:20:10: from Courses to Campaigns

Kevin Young HeadshotBy Kevin Young

Charles Jennings, a leading thinker and practitioner in learning and performance, will share practical ways to implement and exploit the 70:20:10 learning framework in the complimentary webinar on 14 October.


Organisations across the world, from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinationals, are exploring the best ways to deploy the 70:20:10 framework and align resources to support workforce development and learning where it happens most – in the workplace.


But how do you make the move from a traditional structured training environment to a campaign-led approach that’s focused less on content and courses – and more on getting managers and individuals to think about learning differently?

What’s on the agenda?

In this webinar Charles Jennings will discuss how HR and L&D professionals can successfully embed 70:20:10 by adopting a ‘campaign mindset’ that takes account of the needs of the business.

Charles will explain the new roles that L&D needs to adopt – and the new tasks it needs to tackle – in order to make this change. He’ll also highlight what it takes to successfully implement 70:20:10, especially when it comes to ensuring that HR and L&D professionals stay focused on the needs of the business and its people.

What you’ll learn

This 60 minute webinar will highlight what it takes to successfully deploy a 70:20:10 framework and enable a combined capability development strategy in which all stakeholders actively participate.

During the session we’ll discover:

·         Getting started with implementing a 70:20:10 campaign

·         Five new roles to support a 70:20:10 campaign and strategy

·         Examples of organisations that are using the 70:20:10 campaign approach

Sign up – and tune in

If you’d like to learn how to lead the conversation and fuel a progressive, creative and productive learning culture in your organisation, register to join our complimentary webinar on 14 October.  

 Kevin Young is general manager, EMEA at Skillsoft.

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