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Skillsoft’s Desktop Videos: Save Time and Learn Something New

By Jessica Philpott       

Time management is more than just planning and prioritizing your time. It is maximizing the use of the tools that you have at your disposal to shave precious minutes off of the time it takes to complete everyday tasks.

Consider for a moment that you’ve received a large spreadsheet filled with data that you must sort through and create trend graphs for an important meeting that will occur in a few hours. What is your first instinct? Will you use helpful Excel functions in order to quickly and easily sort and map out the important data points, or will you manually sift through the data and hopefully gather the information that you need before your deadline? The answer to this question can ultimately decide whether you’ll have time to eat lunch today or if you’ll be hunched over your keyboard trying to make your deadline.

A variety of tutorials and online help forums are available to assist you in enhancing your knowledge of desktop applications and increasing your productivity. While this sounds fantastic and like you’ll have some well-deserved free time on your lunch hour, how do you know which sources are dependable? What if you sit through a lengthy tutorial only to find out that the person who created the resource didn’t quite know what they were talking about? Now, not only have you wasted 15 minutes of your time, you still have to figure out how to complete your task.

It is very easy to type the problem that you are facing into your internet search bar and find a variety of information that you are unable to discern whether it is reliable or not. This is really quite similar to typing your flu symptoms into a search bar and walking away with an online medical opinion that you have a rare and contagious disease. Your next reaction is typically to setup an appointment to see your family doctor to receive a credible medical opinion and to find out that your symptoms are likely that of a pollen allergy.

Think of Skillsoft’s IT and Desktop videos as your family doctor for common computer ailments. Find the remedy to your Excel question with a quick Skillport search to find a variety of 3-5 minute Desktop videos that feature subject matter experts. If you’re on Skillport 8, head over to Google Play or the Apple App Store to download the free Skillsoft Learning App and watch the Excel video on your phone while you’re working away on your computer.

Remember, you can find and watch a Skillsoft video in less time than you would spend sifting through online forums to find what you need. Empower yourself and your users to learn a new skill, have time for lunch, and meet a deadline.

Jessica is a customer success consultant at Skillsoft.

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