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The Art of Brain Mapping: Paint Your Mind into a Masterpiece

What is Brain Mapping

What’s inside the human head can be arguably more complex than anything else in our universe.  There are approximately 1.1 trillion cells and 100 billion neurons in the average human brain. To put it bluntly, that means that we can store close to almost a million gigabytes worth of memories and useful (and useless!) information.Read more

The Importance of Blended Learning

The Importance of Blended Learning

The best learning and development programs contain different modes of content. Classroom, social, reading, watching videos, attending seminars, trial & error, etc.  It is all a mix.  Not one single mode is all that effective. To keep up with the dynamic business environment and the “modern learner” 1 organizations need to serve up a seamless experience.Read more

What’s in Store for Organizational Learning Across APAC in 2016?

As learning partner to more than 300 organizations within the Asia Pacific region, we have seen some interesting learning trends emerge throughout 2015.

More business leaders are recognizing their organization must evolve and innovate to stay competitive. Re-thinking the way employees work is critical for organizations to make sure their workforce is agile and responsive to the pace of change.Read more

Learning and Development Trends in 2016

By Sue Rodeman

Though the landscape of HR continues to evolve in 2016, learning and development will play an increasingly important role in organizational success. By partnering with organizations of all sizes across many industries, we’ve identified the major trends in learning and development that HR leaders can expect to see in the coming months.Read more

Developing Leaders at All Levels with Cloud-Based Learning

By Tim Redfern

An astounding 71 percent of survey respondents in Brandon Hall Groups 2015 State of Leadership Development Study cited that their leaders are not ready to lead their organization into the future. Why are organizations failing to effectively develop leaders, and how can we increase the number of ready leaders in 2016 and beyond?Read more