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Skillsoft Business Skills Courses: Microlearning Showreel

By Skillsoft staff

Recent research from Bersin by Deloitte suggests that workers only have one percent of their work week to dedicate to learning and development. In response to the increasing demand for quick, on-demand training opportunities, Skillsoft’s new easy-to-use course interface places content at the center of learning. Trusted video content is not only at the centerpiece of the new experience, but users can also access other available resources such as job aids, assessments, practice exercises or help from subject matter experts to reinforce and apply the learning.

This following video features examples of Skillsoft’s video library of business courses, with micro-sized learning topics at the core. Expert-sourced and organized into 3-5 minute bursts of learning, Skillsoft’s new course topics are more easily consumed and applied than ever before.

Skillsoft is now extending its new video format to cover business courses in a wide range of topics including personal and interpersonal communications, optimizing team performance, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and much more. Skillsoft’s additional videos, along with the new content experience, deliver a solution that helps organizations cultivate a highly competitive workforce, and drive innovation and growth.

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