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The Global Workforce – Expanding L&D Across Borders

Kevin Young HeadshotBy Kevin Young

Global leadership and talent development represents one of the greatest challenges facing large organisations today.

Research shows that there’s more to global learning and development than simply delivering training to employees. Many considerations need to be taken into account – resources, cultural and organisational differences and delivery approaches to name but a few.

So, how do you cater to the needs of the many while ensuring localised business needs are addressed? And what about ensuring that the quality and consistency of training on offer is standardised and accessible to all?

That’s just some of the questions the global IT consultancy and business process services firm CGI faced as they looked to initiate a new L&D playbook for its global business. Its goal – to enable the organisation to continue to thrive and excel in today’s new world of work.

A key challenge was how to address the issue of workforce engagement. Essential if you’re looking to enable a positive and meaningful learning culture that delivers benefits for every employee and – ultimately – the enterprise itself and its customers.

Rather than adopting a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to L&D that imposed learning from above, CGI devised a global framework that could be localised to support the specific professional development needs of its people and regional business units.

In the process the Learning Design and Creation team transformed perceptions of its capabilities, moving from being seen as simply a transaction-execution function to becoming a valued consultant that delivers innovative solutions to business leaders at all levels.

Download the case study to discover how CGI unleashed its ‘Learning Everywhere’ programme and enabled a new era of powerful blended learning that’s accessible for all – and features content that’s aligned to strategic needs and localised to address specific regional areas.

Kevin Young is general manager, EMEA at Skillsoft




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