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Want to Revolutionize Your Learning and Development Program? Add Mobile Learning.

Renner-JimBy Jim Renner

Mobile devices are everywhere; even our grandparents’ text us. A recent Forrester report[i] estimates that 67 percent of information workers in North American use mobile phones on the job, yet mobile learning stays in infancy. Forrester considers several reasons for this dearth which boils down to a continued reliance on traditional and legacy learning methods and content that is just not suitable for a mobile learner.

The good news is that mobile learning programs are easy to develop and implement, especially when you consider the right use scenarios. Think about how we use mobile technology today; we use search engines to look up key facts, watch a short video to learn a new hands-on skill, and use a tablet or phone to listen or read books while at the gym. Creating successful use case scenarios will energize your learners and could be that key spark to revolutionize your learning programs.

Here are just a few scenarios:

  • Consider audio books that teach key business skills for managers in training for on the road down time
  • Create and deploy short videos- no longer that five minutes- that target specific learning topics
  • Suggest book summaries on pertinent topics that can be browsed within a short period – say a 30 minute treadmill workout.

Need more help on ways to revolutionize your L&D programs through mobile?  Come visit Skillsoft’s spotlight page on mobile learning strategies at

Jim Renner is a technical product strategist at Skillsoft.

[i] Claire Schooley, Christopher Andrews,Joseph Miller, Ian McPherson, “Mobile Is Ubiquitous Today — But Why Not For Learning? Forrester Research Cambridge Ma October 13,2015,

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