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American Cancer Society Adopts SumTotal Talent Expansion® Suite

SumTotal, a Skillsoft company, today announced that the American Cancer Society will adopt the SumTotal Talent Expansion® Suite to facilitate their transformation into a Self-Developing Organization. This solution will empower the Society’s more than 6,000 employees to pursue a meaningful path for individualized professional growth and development while increasing engagement, productivity and partnership with the Society’s more than 2.5 million volunteers.Read more

3 Ways to Transform Unconscious Bias

3 Ways to Transform Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias is our brain’s ability to automatically jump to conclusions without us being aware of our thought process. This ability to make quick judgments is hard-wired into our brains to help us be more efficient. It is part of our human nature to rely on unconscious bias – and it can be difficult to work against our human nature.Read more

Key Trends in Information and Communications Technology (ICT): A Look at 2016 and Beyond

Key Trends in Information and Communications Technology (ICT): A Look at 2016 and Beyond

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry is experiencing profound change across a broad range of areas.  The following evolving trends play a significant role and impact on society and therefore ICT:

  • Anytime, anywhere, any device access to communications, content, commerce, and applications: Consumer Cloud Services is a concept involving the storage of various consumer electronic items in “the cloud” for the benefit of anytime, anywhere, any device access. Read more

How Global Leaders Are Using Social Learning Tools

By Ivonne Smith

Skillsoft’s Global Leader Forum consists of a handful of clients who are actively implementing and managing Skillsoft learning programs at the highest levels of the 4 Building Blocks (Engagement, Alignment, Adoption and Value). Last month we interviewed these learning leaders to get a pulse on best practices around their use of social learning.Read more

Telecom APIs for Monetization of Communications-Enabled Applications

By the Mind Commerce Staff

The global application development community is becoming increasingly aware of Telecom Application Programming Interface (API) as a means of accessing data for a variety of communications-enabled applications.   Telecom Network APIs capitalize on existing network infrastructure and platforms to facilitate many new business opportunities.Read more

Dignity Action Day 2016

Dignity and respect are the fundamental principles for all types of care provision whether in care homes or people’s own homes. Dignity is a human right that represents the self-worth of an individual. This becomes even more important for people who are vulnerable due to their particular situations.Read more