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American Cancer Society Adopts SumTotal Talent Expansion® Suite

SumTotal, a Skillsoft company, today announced that the American Cancer Society will adopt the SumTotal Talent Expansion® Suite to facilitate their transformation into a Self-Developing Organization. This solution will empower the Society’s more than 6,000 employees to pursue a meaningful path for individualized professional growth and development while increasing engagement, productivity and partnership with the Society’s more than 2.5 million volunteers.

“Our employees are incredibly passionate about the impact their work has on people every day. To build on this passion, we want to engage people and equip them with the most innovative, impactful and proven tools for professional growth,” said Angela Rose Wright, Director of Talent Process & Systems for the American Cancer Society. “We believe SumTotal is the best solution to ensure our goal of becoming a Self-Developing Organization. Their solution will enable continuous development and talent mobility within the organization.”

The latest release of the SumTotal Talent Expansion® Suite will enable the Society to attract and retain top talent by providing opportunities to engage employees in their own development and career mobility. Employees in any of the Society’s offices and those who work remotely will be able to easily pursue their own professional growth path, and be seamlessly connected to the precise development actions that will help them prepare for future career opportunities.  Every employee will have configurable role-based dashboards available to help them focus on specific areas of development and track their own progress.  An employee can set preferences, including future job roles they are interested in, and throughout the suite be delivered learning recommendations that support continuous development and emphasize growing the specific skills and competencies critical to their career aspirations within the Society.

To read more about the American Cancer Society’s journey to become a Self-Developing Organization, visit

John Ambrose is General Manager of SumTotal, a Skillsoft company.

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