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Awards Shows Aren’t Just for Hollywood

Jessica_PhilpottBy Jessica Philpott        

You’ve spent countless hours planning for your eLearning program and rolling it out to your learners. Your adoption results are higher than you expected and you’re thrilled with the progress that your company has made in moving toward a high-impact learning organization. You’re unsure what to do to continue your progress and ensure that upcoming year is your best year yet. Your learners seem less motivated than ever, especially since they have to work on performance reviews and goals for the upcoming year. How will you encourage your learners to continue to engage in learning and develop their skills?

At the beginning of a new year, your learners have long to-do lists so it is important to remind them of the benefits of self-development. Start by recognizing the achievements of your learners from the past year. Just like in film, television, and music, you need to recognize top learners to inspire success in the upcoming year. With awards season in full swing, there is an opportunity to roll out an awareness campaign that recognizes the success of learners and inspires healthy competition for the year to come by using categories like:

  • Learner of the Year
  • Best New Learner
  • Best Supporting Manager
  • Top Learning Department

This campaign can be rolled out quickly and easily without you or your staff having to dedicate too much time or energy. It will inspire healthy competition for the year to come and will remind everyone to take the time to invest in themselves – whether it’s during their morning coffee, at lunch, or after a meeting that ended a few minutes early. This type of campaign gives everyone the opportunity to have fun. You can also consider hosting a nomination coffee break or luncheon. This type of event allows learners to vote for who they believe should win the awards and have an announcement ceremony where you informally give certificates to the winners.

The awards show isn’t just for learners to demonstrate their accomplishments. Managers are also recognized for their contribution to your organization’s learning culture. Encourage managers to champion learning by providing more opportunities for their direct reports to learn during the work day. Learners will look to their manager as an example of the behaviors and values that they should be emulating, so remind managers to make developing themselves and their team a top priority.

Once you have created a sense of excitement for learning within your learner base and rolled out your new accolades campaign, leverage Skillsoft’s Client Community to share your success with your peers using the “Collaborate with Others” area. If you need help getting started, reach out to your Skillsoft account team for best practices and guidance. Remember, all it takes to keep learning and development top of mind for everyone is a fun campaign and the promise of recognition. Everyone wants to be recognized, even if it is for developing themselves.

Jessica Philpott is a customer success consultant at Skillsoft.

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