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Cyber Security Awareness Training Goes Global at BAE Systems

Cyber Security Awareness Training Goes Global at BAE Systems

Cyber security is a day-to-day consideration for most organisations, but for BAE Systems it is a critical competence. As the provider of some of the world’s most advanced, technology-led defence, aerospace and security solutions, the company already employs cutting edge detection and prevention measures.

When BAE Systems wanted to further optimise employee awareness about cyber security, and specifically how to spot and combat the latest cyber threats, it turned to Skillsoft for assistance.

With full consideration to the varied needs of its diverse and geographically dispersed workforce, while reflecting the gender and cultural diversity of BAE Systems, the IT and risk team was able to ensure that phrases, actions and content were globally recognised and appropriate.

35-minute modules were created that test learner understanding from the outset, using interrupt techniques that highlight to students the programme is not a ‘page turning’ exercise. It also left field questions designed to get them thinking about the wider picture.

On completion of their training, staff susceptibility is tested through the delivery of third party dummy ‘phishing’ emails. The success of global IT Security Awareness programme has seen BAE’s global susceptibility score fall significantly. Indeed in just 12 months:

  • Employees reported over 90,000 security incidents to the appropriate internal email address
  • Over 95% of staff has now completed the mandated on-the-job security awareness training
  • There has been a significant reduction in staff susceptibility to suspicious emails.

And, while BAE Systems is not complacent, the programme has proven popular amongst employees. Feedback was positive among an average of 4.1 out of 5.0 asked – with many commenting how transferrable they found the subject matter to their online lives outside of the workplace.


Harriet Vivian is Senior Marketing Coordinator, EMEA, at Skillsoft.

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