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2016 Global Skillsoft Perspectives in Review

The lights of Las Vegas shone more brightly last week as the Global Skillsoft Perspectives conference took effect. So many innovative announcements, great networking and inspiring insights were shared among the 1,000+ that attended, representing 627 organizations and 29 countries!Read more

Learning at Work Week: Making the Connection

Tony-glassBy: Tony Glass, General Manager, Skillsoft EMEA

May 16 – 22 is Learning at Work Week 2016, an annual awareness campaign encouraging “a broader perspective on how learning and development happens, and how employees can take advantage of new ways to learn.” One of the themes of this year’s Learning at Work Week is “connect”, and we wanted to take a moment to explore that idea.Read more

Want a Culture of Innovation? Curb Those Emails & Meetings

By Lisa Bodell

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We’re all aware of how valuable an organization’s culture is, but culture is not colorful walls, beanbag chairs, or ping-pong tables. Those are the aesthetics of culture and they’re not a substitute for meaningful work.Read more