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Learning at Work Week: Making the Connection

Tony-glassBy: Tony Glass, General Manager, Skillsoft EMEA

May 16 – 22 is Learning at Work Week 2016, an annual awareness campaign encouraging “a broader perspective on how learning and development happens, and how employees can take advantage of new ways to learn.” One of the themes of this year’s Learning at Work Week is “connect”, and we wanted to take a moment to explore that idea.

Technological advancements over the past few years have provided us with the tools that make learning connections easier than ever before. Whether we’re looking to connect to training videos, blogs, or even games, the explosion of mobile means we can make that connection anywhere, any time. A full 73% of the world’s population uses mobile devices—more than ever before. With the aid of eLearning programmes, employees do not have to put training on hold when they leave the office; they can continue their learning journey wherever and whenever they choose.

The rise of apps that provide a simple yet engaging user experience, along with the explosion of BYOD, has meant that employees have incredible flexibility, not just with where and when they learn, but also with the range of supported modalities mobile offers. Users can consume a full spectrum of written, video, and audio content options, with the ability to connect through social discussion available at their fingertips.

Taking this one step further, we can look at the personalisation of eLearning and how this can play a huge part in making employees feel connected to their employers. By providing targeted learning programmes, aimed specifically at individuals based on their ambitions and desire to learn specific skillsets, this connection can become deeper and hold greater meaning for employees.

The Aberdeen Group reports that employees are 2.5 times more likely to commit to their jobs if they are challenged by their work, as compared to those who simply have a competitive salary. Instead of learning to tick a box, these staff members are learning to achieve something greater.

Technology has truly changed the way in which employees and businesses connect with each other. From the way they interact to the personalisation of content, it’s imperative that businesses provide their employees with the right learning connection. Not only does it showcase commitment to the development of your employees, but it also benefits the bottom line. After all, a happier and better connected workforce is a more productive workforce: companies with a formal employee engagement strategy that includes learning boast higher revenue and greater employee and customer retention that their competitors.

You can find out more about Skillsoft’s mobile learning solutions here.

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