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Praxair: Enhancing the Skills of Women Leaders with the Welch Way

By: Ivonne Smith, Global Manager, Client Engagement, Skillsoft

Life moves quickly…so when someone gives you a step-by-step plan, in fact, a detailed recipe for success on how to create and implement a successful learning program, we listen closely. I had the privilege of facilitating a fantastic Skillsoft Customer Showcase webinar presented by Laura Garza, Executive Director of Talent Development and Melissa Mejia, Training and Development Specialist at Praxair shared how they are effectively transforming their organization, improving productivity and building better women leaders.

In the webinar, Laura and Melissa shared an impressive story on how they used Skillsoft’s Welch Way to develop an innovative and engaging women-only leadership development program. This Finance for Female Managers Program engaged and developed more than 80 women in over 25 countries. A recent study by the Rockefeller Foundation explained that women bring different approaches to business, often resulting in a more inclusive workplace—and better performance for the company. Praxair’s efforts to develop female leaders helps the organization attract and retain strong talent.



It was as if the audience in the webinar was receiving a detailed recipe, outlining the key ingredients for a successful leadership curriculum. Praxair’s Finance for Female Managers program included Skillsoft’s Welch Way suite, along with a sophisticated nomination process, learning and social collaboration teams, virtual classroom, executive sponsorship, business sponsorship, and innovative knowledge checks/mid-point topics. Melissa described each of these ingredients and shared details on how Praxair implemented each step along the way.

Laura and Melissa also shared a high level view of their Blended Learning Experience and how the ingredients that lead to success work together. For example, they launched the program with a kick-off meeting, then followed up in the next 5 weeks with the self-paced Welch Way suite combined with pointed and relevant social collaboration prompts and opportunities. The teams were required to respond in the social forums and share how they were applying the learned concepts.

Their mid-point check included a dedicated discussion and review with the Executive Sponsor (also the highest ranked female at Praxair). The second half of the program followed a similar format, wrapping up with another connection with the Executive Sponsor.




In the end, Praxair’s leadership program strengthened the organization’s talent pipeline and enhanced the financial knowledge and capabilities of their current and emerging women leaders. In fact, after the program, 95% of participants felt they better understood financial terms and felt comfortable using the terms in their daily job. Also, 84% have already been able to apply strategies from the program into their daily leadership practices.

The first comment that came through after the webinar was “Great webinar! I like it when people are passionate and intelligent. They were both.”

We at Skillsoft couldn’t agree more.

View this webinar on demand to get your own recipe for a great leadership development program.


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