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Expert Insights On How to Build a Learning Culture

Expert Insights On How to Build a Learning Culture

You may have noticed that some of us at Skillsoft are obsessed with measuring learning—its impact, outcomes, the factors that contribute to successful L&D programs. We love learning about learning and a host of related topics, like employee engagement and talent management. One of the primary ways we do that is by studying our customers, whether it’s across our global base of more than 45 million learners, or a targeted group with great results in a particular area.

Our Global Leader Forum is an example of one of the subgroups we work with to better understand what’s effective in learning and talent management. The Forum includes an exclusive group of customers who all have proven strategies of success around engagement, alignment, adoption and value, the four building blocks of learning and talent success. As part of the Forum, these clients regularly collaborate with other leading organizations and share best practices, resources and tips within the new Client Community portal. They also participate in quarterly research studies.

Our spring 2016 research focused on the challenges and opportunities of building a successful and strategic learning culture. Bersin research identifies six elements of a learning culture. To expand on that, we asked members of the Global Leader Forum about their experiences developing and maintaining cultures that value learning. Our leaders shared:

  • their definitions of a true learning culture
  • who owns an organization’s learning culture
  • barriers to developing a strong learning culture

Lastly, and most importantly, we learned what business outcomes members of the Global Leader forum have seen improve as a result of establishing a strong learning culture.

View the infographic to see what they had to say:

Ivonne Smith is Global Manager, Client Engagement, at Skillsoft

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