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Must-Haves for Engendering a Learning Culture

By Tony Glass

There are a multitude of reasons why organisations across the globe are adopting eLearning strategies – economies of scale, business agility and continuity, the democratisation of learning access, quality assured and consistent education delivery, talent retention, and so forth.

Yet too many still struggle to adequately exploit the full benefit of elearning and achieve the business impact, staff motivation and take-up of eLearning that delivers bottom line results.

Our white paper, Engendering a Learning Culture features real-world practical tips from Skillsoft customers who’ve successfully implemented and embedded eLearning into their organisations.

It explores the successful implementation of an engaging and supportive eLearning culture, which is reliant on a number of ‘must have’ factors:

  1. Alignment to needs – eLearning should support the organisational agenda, demonstrating a clear strategic match between eLearning activity and business goals and targets.
  2. Marketing – the key to creating a ‘critical mass’ of users is raising awareness of elearning and its benefits among top management, line managers and – above all – employees.
  3. Management support – co-operation with key stakeholders is vital. Managers can support and direct employees to find the right time to learn, help align content to business needs to increase eLearning effectiveness, and give learning and development (L&D) important insights into the skills their people need.
  4. Perceived usefulness and ease of use – ideally, eLearning should be ‘people-centred’ rather than ‘learning centred’ and it’s critical that employees understand the personal and professional benefits to be gained by engaging with eLearning.
  5. Organisational culture – from helping people understand how to ‘e-learn’, to the design and launch of learning interventions that complement the work environment of your learners, implementing the right blend of learning methods and tools is critical to success.
  6. Motivation to learn – eLearning should be positioned as a visible manifestation of your organisation’s desire to encourage learning, career advancement and personal development.

Download the full white paper that borrows from the collective expertise of our customers, full of practical tips and tricks for engendering positive cultural change and business acceptance of eLearning in the workplace.


Tony Glass is General Manager for Skillsoft EMEA

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