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The Power of Mobile: Skillsoft’s New Sales Program Walks the Walk

By Dianne Turiano

Just before Perspectives I got an email informing me that I had been selected to participate in a pilot initiative that would provide me an iPad Pro for use in the sales process. To say I was ecstatic is a slight understatement. When the iPad Pro was first introduced to the market, I immediately saw the endless possibilities such a tool held for my job and my dealings with customers. And now I was actually getting one.

I received my new iPad Pro at the conference and quickly got it up and running. Via the Skillsoft app, the Hub, I now had at my fingertips access to content, collateral, PowerPoint presentations, solution areas and relevant case studies, slideshows, my calendar, and even my own personalized profile. I already could see how much things were going to change–and that was before I had even interacted with a client. I felt a bit like an ancient farmer who has just been shown a wheel; I already can’t imagine my life without it.

Of course I was curious how it came to be I now possessed this great asset and learned that I am one of 136 Skillsoft sales staff in North America included in a trial which, if successful, will expand to the rest of the company. It is part of the digital drive, an initiative designed to encourage all staff to embrace our digital heritage and market leadership—a statement that we are a company that is all about beautiful technology and engaging content. Now back to my new toy… ahem… I mean tool. The Hub is loaded with content, with additions pushed out weekly. On top of that, it gives me recommendations based on the content I use most. And I will regularly receive new versions of the Skillsoft deck—no more worries about whether I’ve got the latest and greatest. The Hub’s leaderboard lets me follow a number of people from different parts of the company, putting further expertise and resources at my fingertips. All the usual suspects are also on the iPad – Twitter, FaceTime, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Jabber, WebEx and the Skillsoft Learning App—truly providing everything I need to perform my job…anywhere.

The iPad Pro will have a significant impact on moving the sales needle and building our brand equity. I am very grateful I was selected to be part of this project and am really looking forward to road testing it. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Dianne Turiano is a Regional Account Executive for Skillsoft


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