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The 4 Languages of Learning at SDL


By Tony Glass

When was the last time you conducted an employee survey? This powerful benchmarking exercise took place at the global content management and language solutions company SDL late last year. It came as no surprise to the business that the findings revealed a lack of strategic intent around learning and development (L&D).

The new Chief People Officer had been auditing the L&D set up, and employees clearly expressed a desire for something more:

  • Easily accessible
  • Relevant
  • Purposeful
  • Consumable.

Despite having 55 offices in 38 countries, a complex business and a relatively small human resources (HR) function, SDL followed its big ambitions around L&D. Embracing the diversity of its team in terms of culture, business practices and market maturity, the company expanded its relationship with Skillsoft. After all, as one of SDL’s company straplines explains, “global customers need global content.”

Evolving its ‘pockets’ of learning and the small relationship between Skillsoft and its customer service team, SDL rolled out Skillport in early 2016. In this video, Roddy Temperley, Chief People Officer and Head of Communications at SDL cites the four most important qualities of the company’s L&D solution:

  1. Measurement and Reporting. Being able to assess return on investment and business value is critical in all areas of the modern business operation.
  2. Content. SDL has come to value the huge library of assets now available to its international teams. From online learning solutions and books, to certification, technical and leadership channels.
  3. Relevance. Ongoing investment on behalf of Skillsoft means that assets are constantly being updated, so that SDL has access to the very best assets available.
  4. Ease of Adoption. SDL believes that the quality of the L&D now available, coupled with the support of Skillsoft consultants has made it easy for the Company to drive employee adoption and develop a learning culture in the organisation. After just seven months in, reports showed 41% utilization.

Watch the video to learn more about SDL’s learning program.

Tony Glass is General Manager for Skillsoft EMEA


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