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Use eLearning to Train New Managers Efficiently: A Working Example

elearning: a cost-effective training solution

By Tony Glass

BAE Systems is the largest defense and security company in the UK with approximately 34,800 employees based over 50 sites. When resources were prioritised for mandatory, regulatory and senior management training, the company needed to look for alternative, less costly ways to develop new managers. A way that would ideally incorporate L&D into the daily routine and consequently eliminate costly time away from work.

After some time and thought BAE hit upon the answer. Blended learning, which offers a mix of classroom and online instruction thereby reducing cost and time away from the office, was the perfect solution. Working with Skillsoft, the L&D team introduced the Developing First Line Leaders Programme (DFLLP), a 12-week highly structured blended learning programme that combines three interactive half-day facilitated sessions with prescribed weekly eLearning, delivered via Skillport 8.

The DFLLP centered around five core topics and featured a mix of books, videos, courses and simulations. Each element was handpicked to reinforce and embed learning, or introduce new tools, techniques and thinking that would later assist participants in becoming effective managers.

Not only did this blended learning format overwhelmingly receive positive feedback: it came within budget. In fact, the savings were rather remarkable. Choosing a blended learning format offered huge savings – it cost a whopping 90% less to train each delegate as compared to an equivalent 7-day external classroom course. This had the added benefit of meaning resources could then be reinvested to develop even more new managers.

BAE’s people are all thrilled with the outcomes of this new L&D opportunity. Staff now feel they have greater control over their own ongoing education and BAE benefits from a workforce that is highly trained and motivated to perform. Read the full case study to learn more.


Tony Glass is General Manager for Skillsoft EMEA.


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