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Webinar: How Your Compliance Training Program Can Drive eLearning


By Jacob Rouser

What if your compliance training program not only reduced organizational risk, but served as the foundation for building a learning culture? Newalta’s program did just that—and Executive Director of Human Resources Irene Posyluzny is willing to share the company’s methods. Join a complimentary webinar on September 15 to learn how Newalta leveraged compliance training to drive additional eLearning program adoption and create change.

In the age of finding efficiencies and optimizing performance, making your training program as effective as possible is crucial to learning leaders and training support. Often, compliance is seen as something that must be done in the world of training programs, but Newalta has cracked the code on learning. Using compliance as a lever, they increased eLearning program adoption by 80% in four months. We’ll discuss:

  • How to use technology to drive easy access to remote learning
  • Best practices in working with your internal safety teams and Skillsoft compliance team (aka, how to make your safety team’s job easier) 
  • Creating partnerships with the right people to help support and market your compliance training initiative—learn how to gain buy-in from your key stakeholders, HR, managers, safety staff and others.
  • Best practices in solution implementation, marketing and roll-out

Register for the webinar and get practical advice you can use to increase Learning’s reach in your organization.


Jacob Rouser is a Compliance Marketing Developer at Skillsoft

One comment on “Webinar: How Your Compliance Training Program Can Drive eLearning”

  • Thanks! This article (How Your Compliance Training Program Can Drive eLearning) has really helped me a lot in knowing how a compliance training program can drive e-learning. It not only reduces organizational risk but also a foundation for building a learning culture.


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