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5 Tips for Creating a Customer-Centric Learning Strategy

A Skillsoft Webinar featuring Laura Overton

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 @ 12 – 1 p.m. BST | 1 – 2pm CS


By Tony Glass

For the past three years, Towards Maturity CEO Laura Overton has held the coveted number 1 spot in the Top Ten list of most influential people in corporate eLearning in the UK. She is also currently ranked second most influential in Europe and number 3 in the globe. Toward Maturity, a not for profit benchmark practice, provides independent research that has helped countless organisations improve performance through learning. So it is safe to say she knows a thing or two about eLearning and the role it plays in today’s business world.

It is also safe to say (since research proves) that a self-directed and personalised learning experience is high on the agenda of most learning professionals. That the power of honing in and making each learning experience personal and relevant to the learner, while allowing him or her to choose a path is the key to a successful L&D programme.

However, achieving this can take serious effort. Despite the plethora of devices and all the technology available, actually getting employees to engage and connect is still quite the challenge. So how do organisations create these personalized, self-directed learning experiences?

After giving this perplexing question some thought, Skillsoft decided to ask the number 1 person in eLearning, Laura Overton, to chair a webinar with all the answers. With over 30 years of practical experience, 40 independent reports, and hundreds of articles sharing benchmarks and effective practices to drive L&D performance, Laura is ideally positioned to help guide your organisation’s people strategy.

We will also draw on the latest insights from 600 L&D leaders and over 4,000 learners to further determine the best practice for workplace learning and what L&D can do to maximise results.

This webinar will leave you with:

  • Evidence to help you create a smarter strategy for engaging learners
  • The reasons our preconceived ideas about learners are chaining us to a stagnant past
  • 5 liberating tips to help release the potential in your staff and your L&D team 

To join us for this complimentary webinar please register here.


Tony Glass is General Manager for Skillsoft EMEA

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