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EEOC Issues New Retaliation Guidance – Revisit Your Prevention Efforts

EEOC Issues New Retaliation Guidance - Revisit Your Prevention Efforts

By Charlie Voelker, Esq.

On August 29, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released its final Enforcement Guidance on Retaliation and Related Issues. The new guidance replaces the retaliation section of the agency’s Compliance Manual from 1998. This reflects the EEOC’s current focus on preventing retaliation.

According to the agency’s chair, Jenny R. Yang, retaliation is the most frequently alleged basis of discrimination and is asserted in nearly 45 percent of all charges the EEOC receives. The guidance discusses retaliation under each of the laws enforced by EEOC, including:

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • The Age Discrimination in Employment Act
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act
  • The Equal Pay Act, and
  • The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act

To help employers understand the new guidance, the agency created resource documents, including a Q&A document and a Small Business Fact Sheet.

Given that the EEOC recovered $173.5 million in benefits for retaliation victims in 2015 – up 23 percent from the amount obtained in 2014 – it is crucial that organizations train their managers and supervisors on retaliation prevention.

Skillsoft has long recognized the importance of such training and incorporates anti-retaliation messaging in all of its content that addresses the laws enforced by the EEOC. Contact your Skillsoft representative today to discuss how our solutions can help minimize your company’s exposure to retaliation claims.

Hear from a customer: Skillsoft content helps Apex Systems maintain compliance with the law — even when regulations change.


Charlie Voelker, Esq. is the Legal Compliance Solution Manager at Skillsoft.

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