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Using Social Media to Boost Employee Engagement

By Tony Glass


“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” is one of the oldest aphorisms in the English language. This would suggest that perhaps it is human nature to pass up opportunities presented. It is a universal dilemma faced daily by teachers and parents, but this tendency is perhaps most challenging and pervasive in the workplace.

That BG Group faced this dilemma is not surprising. What’s unexpected is the unique approach they took to address it. The company wanted to provide their 5,000 employees spread out over 20 countries every opportunity to achieve their potential. To facilitate this, BG Group offers a broad range of learning options and channels, including Skillsoft’s extensive portfolio of elearning solutions.

This was in many ways the easy part. The hard part was ensuring that people were maximising the opportunity; that such a large number of courses, books and videos was not overwhelming or daunting.

With a little creativity and ingenuity, the L&D team put in place a strategy that encouraged people to, if not quench their thirst, at least sample the libations. For starters they offered personalized recommendations like Amazon, with additional courses or books suggested using the ’other learners liked this, you might too’ approach.

Then the L&D team used a variety of fun ways to encourage usage and uptake. In keeping with the food metaphor, staff gave out barcoded cupcakes learners could scan with their smartphones to access the Skillsoft login page. Additionally, workshops explained how BG employees could access digital learning, with particular emphasis on log-in details for Skillport, our cloud-based elearning platform.

To further encourage usage and to incorporate the social aspect of learning the team uses Jive, a business social and collaboration platform, to enable employees to share what experiences or resources they found particularly useful.

The results of the campaign are impressive. Usage of Skillport has gone through the roof – with user logins up over 100% in just one month. What’s more, Jive has proved particularly successful in generating click-throughs to Skillsoft learning resources. On average, double the number of employees are now using Jive to access Skillport in preference to logging in directly – stimulated by content they’ve viewed or received via the social media platform.

While BG Group may not have solved an almost 900 year old problem, the numbers indicate that with a little thought and imagination, you can entice a horse to drink—by facilitating and supporting ongoing learning in the workplace, you can help learners want to engage and explore.

Read the case study here.


Tony Glass is General Manager, EMEA, at Skillsoft.

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