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A Welch Way Lesson in the Game of Business

By Jamie MacDonald


If I came away with one golden nugget from the Welch Way’s Leadership in Action programme it is this – the team with the best players wins. We expect this from sports, so why should business be any different? It is after all a game—a game with rules, with multiple players performing different yet equally vital roles, but all united in the one objective: to win. And just as any team worth their salt knows, to be the best you must train. Train hard, train often and with the best.

I have done a lot of training, and I continue to train, but my experience with the Welch Way Leadership in Action and Managing Change programmes really taught me the significance of the team effort, and how I could lead my team to win.

I began each of these programmes with an open mind. I knew I wanted to learn to be a leader, and who better to teach that than Jack Welch, a world renowned and highly influential businessman, an expert in the game. The man who literally wrote the book on winning.

To begin, these programmes focus on the individual player. They involve a lot of reflection and review on how situations were handled and how they might have been handled better. This was somewhat new for me, but I now use this technique on an almost daily basis and have found it worthwhile. It has become a critical part of my team’s successes.

The programme also affords the opportunity to connect with your peers; colleagues facing similar challenges which in turn gives you multiple perspectives on best business practice. Seeing how others train ultimately benefits my training, which then enables me to better train my team.

Jack is a firm believer in the power of candor, that as a leader you must be transparent; that if everyone is given the same facts, they will all come to the same conclusion. This is huge, especially in a company like Skillsoft that has undergone some changes lately. By behaving in this manner I firmly believe I have helped ensure the people on my team remain committed and engaged to our common goal.

In a recent interview Jack said, “Teaching people how to lead and build great teams is the most important thing I have ever done.” Having completed two of his programmes, I concur.

Sample a course from the Welch Way.


Jamie MacDonald is Inside Sales Director for Skillsoft UK.

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