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Market Your Compliance Training Program to Build Employee Buy-in

By Jacob Rouser

Market Your Compliance Training Program to Build Employee Buy-in
For learning and development professionals, a successful learning program has two key pieces: the right content and engaged learners. For compliance, this can be a challenge.

We know the best compliance training programs are embedded into the business strategy and every employee contributes to the success of the program. But how do you create a more successful program when you are just beginning – especially when few learners are excited to take code of conduct or anti-harassment training?

How you present your training matters

Think back to the last successful new company initiative. Likely it wasn’t implemented as a surprise and then made mandatory for all employees to attend a multi-hour session without any context.

The most effective programs invite employees to participate and clearly define the benefits of being involved. So do the same for your compliance training programs.

But how do you create interest in your compliance training program?

The answer may be simpler than you think – use the power of why.

Few people like being told what to do without understanding why, but we often see companies roll out compliance training in this exact manner. Compliance is treated as a sacrifice of time –something that isn’t fun to do, but it must be done for the good of the company.

Any activity would be immediately rendered mundane with your boss saying, “I know that this isn’t fun, but you have to do it.”

When implementing your training program, explain the reason why employees are learning the material.

Take anti-harassment training for example – we all understand on a basic level that you cannot harass others. If we all know this, why do we have to be trained on it? Because the company wants to ensure that employees know that they are safe when they come to work and that certain behaviors are unacceptable.

The power of the reason why

Understanding the reason why builds trust and changes the tone of the training from that of a dictator to one of a friend. In training, we sometimes forget that we are all adult learners and are capable of directing our own learning.

Providing background on why you are training your employees is the first step in moving your compliance program from a top-down approach to one that is self-directed. If your employees understand that the company isn’t just keeping itself safe from lawsuits and realize that the company actually cares about its employees, it evokes confidence in the company. And in turn, your employees will want to see the program succeed.

Don’t bombard your employees with training

What’s next?

You’ve explained why and presented your compliance training in a positive light. The next step is to make the program approachable.

Imagine logging into the system and seeing you have eight hours of training to take and just as many courses to pass. You would feel overwhelmed.

Using a rolling training method or a “journey” (having only one section or topic addressed every month or week) helps prevent employee burnout and fatigue. Knowing that you can complete your training in 30 minutes is much easier to approach than believing you’re going to be “stuck” in training all day.

When developing and deploying your compliance program, it is ultimately about the culture you want to create. Learn more about Skillsoft’s compliance methodology and how you can improve your compliance program in our white paper, The Compliance Maturity Model.

Jacob Rouser is a Compliance Marketing Developer at Skillsoft.

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