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So what does a learning & development provider use for its own training?

By Harriet Vivian


We provide content designed to educate, promote and develop all the people in your company. And obviously we feel that this content is top of the class and are prepared to stand 100% behind it all. So it should come as no surprise that we practice what we preach and use the same materials we provide to others when training our own teams.  

Leadership is one of the most critical subjects we tackle, so when it came to training our own staff we chose the Welch Way programme, a programme Skillsoft designed and offers in partnership with the Jack Welch Management Institute. 

And the feedback? Here are comments from people who have actually used the programme. Kimberley Sahi, Skillsoft Learning and Development Specialist, Jamie MacDonald, UK Inside Sales Director and Paul Moss, UK Inside Sales Manager have all used the Leadership in Action content, while both Jamie and Paul have also used Managing Change. Kim recently started to deliver Finance for Managers to her team; she has experienced the Welch Way both as a participant and as a facilitator.

When asked about their experience, feedback was unanimously positive. 

Paul: I went in expecting one thing, but what I got was entirely different. What I got and could use later, were these bite-sized and very manageable chunks of advice. I set my own time and pace, and perhaps best of all, I got to hear what my peers were doing; a skill share element that has proved invaluable to me. Sometimes leadership material can be quite theoretical but the Welch Way programme is very practical and provides tools you can implement immediately.

Jamie: I too really liked that the material breaks down into easy, manageable nuggets. The programme is also very focused on getting you to reflect on your current role, what you are doing and what you could be doing. This was new for me and I have completely absorbed it into my daily work routine.

Kim: As a facilitator you get everything you need – all the resources, the playbook, everything. For me, there was the added advantage of the terminology, buzz words that are not common here in the UK, but as a global organisation I want to think and train in a global fashion. I also liked that Jack himself confronts the user early in the programme with the fact that not all he suggests will be popular or liked, that he himself is not popular or liked in all circles, but then he leaves it up to the individual to reach their own conclusions.

All three were quick to dispel any notion that the Welch Way content is not relevant in today’s business environment. In fact, each separately confirmed that the principles and ideas proposed throughout the courses were all immediately applicable and fundamentally tied to practical advice that will help organisations grow their leaders and their business, today and into the future.

Knowledge is an intrinsic element of the Skillsoft vision—we believe in the profound power of education to transform, therefore it is essential to choose learning wisely. And with the Welch Way, we know we have.

Sample a lesson from the Welch Way.

Harriet Vivian is a Marketing Executive for Skillsoft UK.

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