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Using Employee Stories to Drive eLearning Adoption

By Ivonne Smith

“How do I get people to participate in a learning program without making it mandatory?”

“How do we encourage staff to take the eLearning courses we bought?”

“What can we do to get people to use the learning portal?”

No matter how you phrase it, the question is still the same: how do you drive adoption for a voluntary learning program? Because without adoption, organizations don’t realize any of the benefits of learning. While true ROI is certainly about much more than log-ins and usage, in order to get to real value, you need to start by getting people to show up and participate.

Fortunately, at Skillsoft, for every question about how to drive adoption, we have answers: the best solutions come from customers who have come up with creative, effective ways to encourage learning. Lexmark is a classic example—the company’s L&D team realized that usage of their eLearning portal had stagnated. Many employees didn’t know about the development opportunities available.

The L&D team partnered with the employee communications department to create an integrated marketing plan. Scott Shive, Lexmark’s Internal Communications Manager, will present a webinar on Tuesday, December 13, from 11-11:45 am EST describing the plan and its impact on eLearning adoption. The concept was simple: Give the portal's superusers a platform to tell their learning stories. The employee-focused plan resulted in incredible growth amid a challenging business climate. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How Lexmark’s learning strategists partnered with corporate communications to develop an creative, people-focused marketing plan
  • Key replicable steps of the marketing plan promoting iLearn, Lexmark’s branded learning portal
  • Tips for developing your own employee-focused communications plan to increase eLearning adoption within your organization

Register for the webinar: The Secret to Driving eLearning Adoption: Employees Tell Their Learning Stories on Tuesday, DECEMBER 13, 2016 @ 11-11:45 am EST.


Ivonne Smith is Field Marketing Manager for Skillsoft.

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