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What does International Women’s Day mean?

By Harriet Vivian

What does International Women’s Day mean?

Think about it, what does it mean? For me, it has meant breakfast networking meetings or an opportunity to listen and learn from the current reigning businesswomen. But this year I thought, well what about the international part?Read more

How to create an exceptional customer service experience

By Mohammed Ajouz

How to create an exceptional customer service experience
“A business’s brand goes far beyond its name or logo. The strength of a brand can sell potential customers on working with you, and inspire loyalty once they do.

One of the best ways to develop a strong brand message is to offer quality customer service.Read more

Why Skillsoft Channel Partners Should Attend Perspectives

By Paula Thoren


I attended my first Perspectives in 2003. To this day, Perspectives is the highlight of my year, and for many of my partners it serves as catalyst for thoughtful review of the Skillsoft solutions they currently offer their customers.Read more

We won! Brandon Hall & Best of eLearning

By Tara O'Sullivan

We rock. And by we, I mean us. Skillsoft and our customers. 

Usually we are not ones to brag but sometimes we are forced to, like those times when we‘re recognized by the industry and win awards.Read more

Make this your best #FinancialFeb

By Tara O'Sullivan


It is the first day of the second, and shortest, month of 2017. How are those New Year resolutions going? Still going to the gym? Bringing in a salad for lunch?Read more