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We won! Brandon Hall & Best of eLearning

By Tara O'Sullivan

We rock. And by we, I mean us. Skillsoft and our customers. 

Usually we are not ones to brag but sometimes we are forced to, like those times when we‘re recognized by the industry and win awards.

Img-award-elearning-2016-winnerSo here goes. We’re on a bit of a winning streak and excited to share. We just earned, again, multiple awards in Elearning! Media Group’s 2016 “Best of Elearning!” awards. Three of our solutions: Skillport content delivery platform, the IT Skills Library, and our Learning Services, earned Award of Excellence honors.

The fact that these awards are voted by our own end users makes it all the more special.  So, we thank you for voting for us and recognizing our efforts as we continue to design beautiful technology and create engaging content.

We love when our customers are recognized for their learning programs  and are more than happy to brag them, especially when one of them wins a Brandon Hall Group award.

Brandon Hall silver award-PraxairPraxair, a world leading global industrial gas company was recently honored with a silver award for excellence for their "Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Development Program.” Committed to expanding its diversity and inclusion efforts, Praxair worked with us to develop a blended learning that reflected this commitment in their leadership training. The program included weekly videos and playbooks; additionally, program participants had weekly calls with executive sponsors, who quizzed and polled them about the learning content.

Naturally we are delighted for Praxair and we congratulate them on their big win.

We are passionate about diversity in Skillsoft. And we love helping our customers increase their own workplace diversity—Praxair’s program is a great example of how our learning content can support organizations in this important endeavor.

We look forward to working with other organizations who want to expand and diversify their leadership development programs. We know how to do this and have the awards – or at least a share of them – to prove it.

Want to learn more? Have a look at our news page for more information.


Tara O'Sullivan is Chief Creative Officer at Skillsoft.

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