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Creating a Social Learning Ecosystem through Invisible L&D

By Jessica Philpott

Creating a Social Learning Ecosystem through Invisible L&D

Do a quick search and you will find that everyone is talking about social learning. But what exactly is social learning?

As part of his Multiple Intelligences theory, Howard Gardner explained as the time when individuals learn through interpersonal interaction; that it is the world and the people around us that shapes and reframes our learning experiences.

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Seven New Capabilities for L&D

By Janet Clarey


The startling reach of technology today has offered employees a world of information that is never more than a click away. No longer do employees have access to only the learning that L&D chooses to present; nor is learning limited to classrooms or online courses approved and provided by the organization.

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Debunking Millennial Myths and Empowering the Modern Learner

By Kieran King and Jared Buckley


There are over 80 million Millennials. And there are around 80 million different adjectives used to describe them. It is the most written about generation ever and conceivably could take a millennium to read everything that has been written about them.

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Happy International Women’s Day

By Tara O'Sullivan


It’s that time of year, when your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feed is full of messages of both support and anger for International Women’s Day.

My concern is how feminism and the word "feminist" still has a negative connotation.

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It’s National Apprenticeship Week!

By Harriet Vivian

Skillsoft_Apprenticeship blog

The UK Apprenticeship Levy comes into effect this April.

Does this sentence strike fear and/or terror into your HR department? Do you know how you will be impacted by the new levy?

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What’s in the bag?

By Caryn Baker

I was listening to my local radio station the other morning when the topic of social media came up. Basically, people were calling in to complain about Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on and how they were feeding an ever self-obsessed and self-interested culture.

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