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What’s in the bag?


By Caryn Baker

I was listening to my local radio station the other morning when the topic of social media came up. Basically, people were calling in to complain about Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on and how they were feeding an ever self-obsessed and self-interested culture. I was driving, or otherwise I would have called in to remind listeners that yes, social media can be about posting pictures of what you are eating/wearing/doing, but to say that is all that is shared, is just wrong. I am constantly bombarded with videos and other posts on weightier subject matter, worthwhile causes my friends and family hold dear.

And as upsetting as some of these posts are, they do serve as a nice reminder that most people are actually very socially responsible.

So for me, it really wasn’t that surprising then that research by Cone Communications  illustrates that most of us want to extend this personal involvement to our company’s CSR. (How CSR programs Benefit Employees – Just Means 2016) An activity our CEO, Bill, recently reminded us about when he invited us to submit our ideas, requests, or suggestions to a new CSR Committee that we’ve set up as a company.

I’m ecstatic that Bill is shining a light on our CSR initiatives and proud to be part of the company’s efforts. We are a large, geographically-dispersed company, so we are not always aware of what other offices are doing in their communities, let alone what we are doing company-wide.

This gave me an idea. Well, two in fact. My first – to reach out to the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge in Atlanta. I chose Atlanta because we were hosting our 2017 Sales Kick Off (SKO) there, which meant a large number of Skillsoft employees, from all over the US, were together in one place, somewhat of a rarity. In case you have never heard of a Hope Lodge–they are free, home-like environments run by the American Cancer Society where cancer patients and their caregivers can stay while receiving treatment unavailable where they live.

I know that the service they provide to the community is invaluable and makes what is an incredibly challenging time, just a little less so. So, what could Skillsoft do?

After a quick chat with the manager, Kim, we decided our best option was to put together over 1,500 care kits – bags filled with toiletries patients staying at a Hope Lodge – clippers, lotion, crossword puzzle pens, a Band-Aid kit, floss, etc. – would need.

And we did.

My second idea – to share this with everyone. To demonstrate that social media can and is used for sharing information people might benefit from– so here goes:


Please feel free to share on whatever social media platform is your preference. Perhaps it will spark an idea or encourage others to do something similar.

Who knows, perhaps in time, ‘social’ media will begin to mean something entirely different.

Caryn Baker is a Senior Events Manager at Skillsoft.

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