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Health & Safety Work Week

By Agata Nowakowska

Health & Safety Work Week

It’s World Day for Health & Safety at work.

Before I go any further, let’s look at some numbers.

  • 621,000 – roughly the number of workers who sustained a non-fatal injury at work during 2015-2016.
  • £2.8 billion – the cost of H&S failure to British employers per year.
  • 30.40 million – the number of working days are lost each year due to work-related illness and workplace injury.
  • 1.3 million working people suffer from a work-related illness.
  • £ 20,000 and/or up to 12 months imprisonment is the penalty for health & safety offenses in a magistrate’s court, while in a Crown Court it can go to as much as two years imprisonment and an unlimited fine.
  • 77% – the number of reported non-fatal injuries has dropped since the introduction in 1974 of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

What do these numbers tell us?

They tell us that any focus on health & safety at work is most worthwhile, and very valuable to your organisation.

Now while I’m delighted that such programmes exist, we must bear in mind that Health & Safety isn’t just a single day focus – it needs to be a yearlong, 24/7 priority.

And an essential part of this focus must be compliance training. In many situations, it is not only the law, it is good business sense. We’ve written extensively on the subject and our white paper Six Elements of Effective Compliance Training is a quick read, packed with useful tips and ideas for integrating and measuring the success of a compliance training program into your organization.

Currently, our compliance training protects over 1,400 organizations and is available in 26 different languages. To learn more about the Skillsoft Compliance Solution please click here.

And if that wasn’t enough I’d like to leave you with the following:

“There are many benefits from developing a safety culture at your company – none of which is more valuable than employee loyalty. When employees know you care about their personal well-being and you prove that to them in their workplace, it increases morale, engagement, awareness, motivation and productivity.”  Daniel R. Nobbe, Plant Leader, Fiberteq LLC, Danville, IL.

Agata Nowakowska is vice president of Sales for Skillsoft in the UK.

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