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Skillport 8i is a hit

By Potoula Chresomales


Nothing succeeds like success

We just migrated our 2000th client to Skillport 8i. Not only that, we did it faster than anticipated with more than 50% switching in the last 10 months.

Talk about hitting it out of the ballpark!

While the speed of the transfer has surprised us, the fact that customers are changing so swiftly doesn’t. Afterall, Skillport 8i is the product of extensive research, time and work all coming together to produce a new experience that both delights and satisfies even the most discerning user.

The new design checks all the boxes:

  • It is modern and attractive
  • It is clean and distraction-free
  • It has a more intuitive search functionality
  • It is more informative – letting the user know what they need to be doing as soon as they log in.

There simply isn’t the time or space to list out everyone who made this happen; but I must give a shout out to Scott Oliver, Darren MacPhee, and the entire Skillport and Technical Services migration team who made everything go smoothly and enabled customers to switch in the most seamless and efficient way.

While there isn’t any award for this feat, there are rewards – when we hear things like:

“Huge amount of high quality content, a user-friendly content delivery platform (8i) and excellent customer service” from customers.

So yay, here’s to us!

Potoula Chresomales is senior vice president of product management at Skillsoft.


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