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How to keep L&D a Focus in Tough Economic Times

By Tony Glass


2016 began with Brent crude prices experiencing the sharpest fall in the past 30 years, while OPEC oil supply growth slowed and non-OPEC production fell dramatically largely due to a massive drop in US light tight oil production.Read more

Why it is Vital you offer Career Paths for Technical Staff

Why it is Vital you offer Career Paths for Technical Staff

By Jim Zimmermann

“We had a really talented technical individual, viewed by many as one of the best [insert job title here] in the organization. Then s/he wanted an opportunity to progress within the company and, not wanting to lose them, we promoted them to manager, gave them a raise and a new title.Read more

2017 APAC Perspectives

By Tara O’Sullivan


When we were deciding the theme for this year’s conference we talked to both our customers and our team to try and get a sense of what’s ‘hot’ right now – what are the issues and the topics the industry is buzzing about.Read more

The Importance of Soft Skills Training

By Heide Abelli

The Importance of Soft Skills Training and Development

I accept that leveraging technology is a high priority for organizations today, with many organizations heavily emphasizing the development of “hard” or technical skills among their employees. And yes, hard skills are vital and necessary to maintain a competitive advantage, but in our social media obsessed world, it is becoming ever more apparent that no organization can afford to take their eye off the “soft skills ball.”

If you have any doubt about why soft skills are more critical now than ever, here’s a hint: social media.Read more

Learning at Work Week 2017

By Agata Nowakowska


The word motive is derived from the old French word motif and means to move…literally.

Following this motivator is something or someone that causes movement.Read more

A Partner’s Perspective on Perspectives

By Rob Jones


I’ve just returned from Vegas and Perspectives, the Skillsoft annual user conference. It wasn’t my first time, in fact that’s part of the appeal – revisiting and catching up with colleagues who now feel like old friends.Read more

Google It, No… Seriously Google It

By Kyle Gingrich


Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I start a Revolution?” Well I have, and in fact I “Googled” it, because that’s what we all do these days. I wanted to understand the mechanics of a revolution because having a passion about something isn’t enough.Read more

What does the government’s new Digital Strategy mean for you?

By Agata Nowakowska 


According to a recent government report, the digital skills gap is costing the U.K. economy £63 billion a year in lost GDP. Yes, you read that correctly – 63 billion pounds of lost or wasted opportunity thanks to what they are calling a ‘digital skills crisis’ that is seeping into every aspect of business and school life and sees over 12 million adults lacking even basic digital skills.Read more