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How to Build a Culture with Compliance Superpowers

By Norman Ford


When you hear the word compliance, do you cringe? Does your mind immediately think of lawyers, lawsuits, and employee misconduct? It’s unfortunate how the evolution of laws, violations, and safety concerns have conditioned our minds to think about compliance in a vacuum.

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Attracting, Developing, and Retaining Talent in the Modern Workforce – Are You Ready?

Attracting, Developing, and Retaining Talent in the Modern Workforce
By David Wilson

Changes in the world of work, evolving employee expectations, and advances in technology are creating a perfect storm that is transforming today’s workplace. Pitched against a backdrop of growing skills gaps, the pressure on organisations to rethink their talent approach – and systems – is intense.

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EMEA Perspectives 2017

By Tara O’Sullivan


If there was one overriding feeling about this year’s EMEA Perspectives conference it was this – HR is standing on a precipice and whether you fall over or skirt the edge will be determined by how well you adapt to change.

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Percipio is Here

By Apratim Purakayastha

After months and months of hard work, late nights, and not just a few heated discussions, I am excited and delighted to announce that Percipio, our new learning experience platform, is here.

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2017 Trends

By Ivonne Smith


Millennials change jobs every six months.

AI will take away our jobs.

Performance reviews given a poor review.

It is getting harder and harder to separate the facts from the hype.

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