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2017 Trends

By Ivonne Smith


Millennials change jobs every six months.

AI will take away our jobs.

Performance reviews given a poor review.

It is getting harder and harder to separate the facts from the hype. The pendulum swings and suddenly it’s all about how technology is a threat to livelihoods. Or employers believe some of the ‘truths’ popular on websites surrounding Millennials and so fail to promote or develop their Millennial workers.

I could continue, but I think you get the gist.

What is the truth? What is going on in the workplace in 2017?

Do a quick search and you will find answers that range from the bizarre to the downright farcical.

We wanted real answers so we asked our Global Leader Forum, a group that is made up of 100 top learning and development/talent professionals, to tell us once and for all –

What is trending in 2017?

Some of these trends might surprise and delight, others have you spilling your latte double mocha chai tea.

Firms are trying to shine the spotlight on ensuring gender balance and as many are trying to broaden that to mean they will start addressing the issue of unconscious bias.

Employees will be happy to hear that despite AI and technology, there are jobs for humans. In fact, the onus will now fall onto employers to entice talent. Companies are recognizing that people want to work for a company, a brand, and will look at that rather than pay when deciding on a job offer.

Something else that is changing – although how you view this change depends on how you feel about the annual review. If you like it, you may not be happy to hear that organizations are moving away from this model to more frequent and proactive performance check-ins, including increased feedback. But then the idea of a more regular review might not be quite what you had in mind either.

In fact, change is happening on many fronts. Significantly, we can expect to see the onus for instilling a learning culture shift from HR to managers and supervisors. This in many ways makes perfect sense, and is something I believe employees will appreciate.

It would appear employees are on the move too – to a more central role in corporate learning. You might say employees are now in the driver’s seat – and it is they who will control the speed, the timing, and the method of this learning. Advances in technology is allowing this to happen, so not only is it not threatening our jobs, it is facilitating a better, more engaged experience.

That’s a trend I think we can all get behind. Unlike 3D television, Google Buzz, or netbooks.

Click here for these and the other trends the experts found.

Ivonne Smith is a Field Marketing Manager for Skillsoft.


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