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Developing the Developer

By David Else


For the past 10 years, I worked on a busy financial trading floor in central London. The job required highly accurate pricing systems with zero time latency and extremely high security in a volatile environment. For IT professionals, this is no easy task; with higher security comes higher latency and vice versa, so it was a constant challenge to stay ahead.

Part of the solution is that in order to keep your IT environment running smoothly, you must always be ahead of the curve; always that one step ahead when it comes to new hardware, software and other technologies that specifically combat the constant cybersecurity threats that drive the very rapid changes in IT enterprise infrastructure.

Over this time, I have also witnessed dramatic changes in hardware as it gets faster and cheaper, resulting in most organisations investing in new technologies to reduce cost and increase performance.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon me as an IT pro who will ultimately pitch, design, install and manage these new solutions, to have a quick, convenient but comprehensive way to gain new IT skills.

So when I was asked by my new employer, Skillsoft, to sample a new project they had recently launched aimed at helping IT people like me develop their skills, it was a bit of a no-brainer. I mean, I know that in order to be good at my job I need to constantly up my skills. And where better to do that than at my job? 

Cloud-based computing is a new trend that everyone is talking about, so I decided to start there. I performed a quick search and instantly Hack The System produced a long list of resources. As I browsed through them, I realised I had access to all the training I needed to discover the right solution for our business and ultimately qualify me to deploy and manage that new system.

Then I took a look at the Azure courses, for no other reason than they interest me. I’ll be honest, I was a little surprised at how easy it was to find the right type of content that was relevant to my needs, and everything was bite-sized and easy to understand.

I have always wanted to complete my Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certification, but since it involves multiple courses, I had never found the time to pursue it especially since I always thought it meant I would have to attend classroom led courses throughout the year. However, now that I know I can take certification prep courses online at my own pace, I will finally prepare to sit the exam.

So yeah, taking some time to sample Hack The System proved to be very worthwhile.  Not only can I give my new employer feedback, but I believe it could be just what I need to stay current in IT.

David Else is an IT Support Technician at Skillsoft.

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