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That’s a match, if it strikes

By Cath Delsignore

“If you build it, they will come” is perhaps now the most infamous whisper ever to reverberate around an Iowan cornfield. Words that have become so ingrained in our collective consciousness that we believe them to be true and that the mere act of building something will guarantee its success. However for the legions of people working in HR or L&D, they know that the truth is you can build it as high and as wide as you like and neither he nor she will come.

A truth made all the more frustrating because despite the mountain of research proving the value of learning and development to both an employee and the organisation, getting complete and total support for L&D efforts continues to remain a huge, almost insurmountable, hurdle presenting a significant barrier to the success of any such efforts.

We understand this dilemma, and because we appreciate the value of L&D efforts we decided to give a boost, a figurative leg up, as L&D staff struggle to prove the value and worth of learning and training programmes and opportunities.

As part of the Skillsoft proposition, customers are assigned a Customer Success Manger (CSM) along with the learning content. The CSM is there to ensure each customer gets the absolute maximum out of Skillsoft and in the process increase the value that learning and development brings to their company.

How is this done?

  • A Skillsoft Customer Success Manager provides:
  • Strategic onboarding
  • An understanding of business initiative/imperatives ensuring content is aligned
  • Recurring touch point meetings
  • Benchmarking sessions
  • Content Curation
  • Quarterly data analysis
  • Demonstration of value via Value Impact Analysis and Estimated Value Summary

When the Skillsoft project/implementation begins, the Customer Success Manager becomes an extended member of the company L&D team, ensuring the organisation gets the best return on their investment, whilst aligning to their business goals and priorities.

This puts the Customer Success Manager in the unique position of being able to see first-hand the challenges customers face trying to introduce the learning programme, while thanks to their comprehensive and thorough knowledge of the products and services, providing the vital support and assistance needed at this most crucial of times. And, because the CSM is steeped with implementation expertise across a variety of customer and organisational needs, our customers reap the rewards of being able to leverage best practices and benchmarks during implementation.

In my role, a common question asked to me by customers is how to get buy-in from management and senior stakeholders as they are crucial to the success of any learning programme. In one particular instance I had a situation where a single department had purchased Skillsoft content and was implementing a learning programme that was not a company-wide initiative, just a department-specific one. As a result, because the message for participation did not come from the board, the take-up was slow. I decided to email the company CEO explaining how this aligned micro-learning could help his Senior team think about change and suggested to him the following proposition – I would select a series of short, bite-sized videos focussing on “change”, and he would ask his senior managers to watch 10 short videos over a period of 10 days. Five minutes at 5 o’clock was all that was required and then he would offer a prize to the manager/senior leader who, at the next meeting, was best able to converse on the subject. The CEO really loved the idea and recognised that short bite-sized nuggets of content could fit easily into any of his team’s day.

This resulted in a dramatic increase in the usage of the Skillsoft libraries which was great and the desired result. But what was even better, was that once the managers actually took the time to look at the material, every single one realised the potential, the extraordinary opportunity provided and began not only requesting it for their teams, but using it independently. This is that true ‘lightbulb moment’ and one of the best parts of the job.

To find out how Skillsoft’s Customer Success Managers can help to transform your learning program, get in touch today.

Cath Delsignore is a Senior Customer Success Manager for Skillsoft.

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