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Are people the weakest link in cyber security?

By Tony Glass

Are people the weakest link in cyber security?

Yes. Find out why with our Are people the weakest link in cyber security webinar on Wednesday, October 11th

One of the most recent and largest corporate data breaches demonstrated a number of things, not the least of which is just how much human error can contribute to an organisation falling victim to a cyberattack. Without getting too much into the fine print, suffice to say there were many missed opportunities and mishandling of not only security issues but subsequent dealings with the fallout from the breach.

While it might be easy and convenient to point the finger and dismiss the incident as reflective of the company in question, the reality is that many other companies are equally vulnerable to a similar kind of attack.

In its annual report, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) found that almost 70% of Britain’s top business leaders have received no training in how to respond to a cyberattack, that 10% of Britain’s top 350 businesses operate with no cyber incident response plan whatsoever, and two-thirds of boards are not kept updated with cyber security risk information.

These dismal figures serve to highlight just how, despite our heightened awareness and concerns about cyber security, we are failing to proactively and demonstrably take the steps and measures needed to combat this virulent and burgeoning threat.

As a result, this makes us a contributing factor, part of the problem, a weakness.

Dr. Jessica Barker specialises in the human side of cyber security, in looking at our very human attitudes and behaviours to cyber security and figuring how best organisations can build a good cyber security culture.

We’re happy to say that we have asked Dr. Barker to share her knowledge in a webinar on how to encourage behavioural change in your company around the very relevant and timely topic of cyber security.

UPDATE: Click here to replay this webinar.

Tony Glass is the General Manager and VP of Sales for Skillsoft EMEA.

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