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How to learn Python – Try Skillsoft’s CodeX Python lab

By Kieran King

How to learn Python - Try Skillsoft’s CodeX Python lab

In 1991, Python was first released. Since then it has grown in popularity and is today, according to Stack Overflow data, the “fastest-growing major programming language.” IEEE Spectrum also gave it the top spot on their interactive list of top programming languages.

Python can be used in every domain — system operations, web development, deployment, scientific modeling, it is perhaps one of the most versatile languages, making it a must-have language for developers.

Which is why, from now through the end of October you are invited to experience the CodeX Python practice lab for free.

Skillsoft CodeX is our groundbreaking Virtual Coding Practice Labs that offers IT professionals the unique ability to learn, practice and prove their coding skills in one seamless learning experience.

How does Skillsoft CodeX work?

Loaded with exercises and lab guides, users get to write and test code in a safe environment, receive instant feedback and, here is where CodeX is uniquely different from other practice labs, do all this in an actual live Integrated Development Environments (IDE’s), making the learning practical and applicable for the workplace.

This offer is only available from October 18 – November 10, so don’t delay. Sign up now and enjoy what is truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

UPDATE: This offer has expired but click here to learn more about Skillsoft CodeX.

Kieran King is the SVP of Marketing at Skillsoft.

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